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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aimee Constant Looking Glass Sings to Holiness David Running Eagle And King David Responds!

(Aimee Constant Looking Glass, lg) You are the light that saves us all, now more light here to make you strong, walk in the waters and breeze to please.  Beauty will never leave. 

(Holiness David Running Eagle, hd) My heart longs to feel the day, when all come to lead the way, and when they show up like they should, then I know the God of could (I can do it!). We are here just by chance, the rolling of the dice at hand, and when we follow our pure bliss, then open are the way of miss, we could dance and play all day when we learn brotherhood, and this is the beauty I have waited for, the days of longing upon the shores! 

(lg) Walk outside and feel the wind there you are there within, strength is here on your wings.  You rise the Nations to better things.

(hd) I am the wing beneath your feet, and I will fly to make it keep, the hands of God from sails to shore, to land upon the other's door.  Come one and all to stay, so I may make it another way, all this suffering needs to end, just when the beloved come sailing end.  Sailing the seas of loving binds, to end the tale of all times, and I will come to your open door, just like when you say, "Come home", the day of dawning is here within, all I have to say is, "Wind".  And I will be the beloved tree, that reaches into the light of thee, and when the darkness comes to greet your day, I will mend the beloved way. 

(hd)Yes, this is who I am, to make the world go round and round, and when they decide to come to my door, then they will make a better world.  The House of the Beloved resides in me, and I will open with the devoted key, and we are part of this unity, and none shall go against me.  For I have the wings that sail the seas, the open oceans above the breeze and I can walk into the dead of night, and come home with so much plight, however, it's the place to be, our heaven who comes home in me.  Great Great Spirit Mother who leads me on, on and on and on.  There is only one place to be, the gardens that seek in liberty, the place of judgment of all things, to be good children once again.  Devoted, loyal true am I because I love apple pie, and those who are part of this sweet tooth, will know I savor all of you.  You are all but a piece of me and I will completely live for thee! 

(lg) Oh how they yearn to hear you sing even though doing other things, Holiness David. Oh Holiness David the Natives of old are carrying you home, carrying you home.

(hd)  I sing for you, upon the shores, east and west and open doors and when you sleep at night you see, my heart goes out to find the leaves.  I sing and sing day and night, for my heart gifts all to plight, and my body does suffer for them, because my love is like the wind.  I have much to give the world, including the little itty bitty things.  And they the atoms of pure delight, come to swim inside my heart.  And I will always hold them close, because they need me and even most.

(hd) Right!  Where are they tonight?  I don't see them anywhere!  I wonder how you feel this way, I know below the heavens pray, but upon the rolling hills don't show, how much love that you know.  Even if they know their hearts, then need to show up at my door.  And take care of me and my wife (white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother).  

(hd) The day, they lift me up to see, the shore of glory and Galilee, then I will know they know my heart, because they come to heal my start.  I start to glow when all do know that they are perfect children who glow.  And I will be the head of this family, when they show up, to feel my feet.  Oint (to anoint, *anointing, to heal and protect) me with cloves and myrrh, then I will know that they are here.

(hd) Glory be the day of dawn, when the birth of all the songs, come home at last to feel my face, to touch my feet and say, "I know you Grace", then I will recognize them, and then and only then will they swim.  For Dawning will bring to us brotherhood, the day of reckoning is like it should.  Want to lift me up at night, into stars where heaven has plight, then gardens bloom in the day, when my Brothers and Sisters learn to pray.  All they have to do is this, "Stop killing all the children of God", then I will know know the grace of loving those who have pure place.  A garden blooms when we know joy, and not before the gates of hell.  Let us scream glory be, to the children who don't know how to be.  Let us fill their hearts with love, and I will force them to be like doves (to unite and be one within and without, to be part of something greater than themselves).

(lg) Lifting you up, healthy and whole, with so much strength in sinew and bone, they carry you home, carry you home!

(hd)  Talking to me, I don't sea, the many Angels God sends to me.  I have much to view, the way of children's news, and when they show up, I will be healed.  Right now, it's my wife (white buffalo calf woman) and me, when so many could be here with destiny, none come to feel our grace because they care for only their face.  You want me to be carried home, then tell the world, I have come. And when they show up at my door, then and only then will unity be.  Sinew and bone are untied in flesh, now tell them, my Warrior who knows best.  How will they carry me if they aren't hear, to listen to my words loud and clear? (defrag-organize, scan disk-cleanse the shores, connection points, run your anti-malware-open doors, in the hearts of men)

(lg) And for all those who could not say, "I thank you for all your days of serving on bended knee and being available to bless and heed (know warnings, and listen to this voice within), Great Spirits voice and soul in you makes us strong through and through."

(hd) Thank you my love for speaking for them, however they need speak to relieve sin, and they can only do this themselves, not even a Warrior who travels to many doors.  When I see the Army of God, standing before me, then I know the Great Spirit Father will be alarmed, to give good judgment to the Calvary (men on horses, the light is riding the dark, the loyal true, to One true God, the many who long to be the shod, to be strong feet upon the rolling hills, the gardens of pure delight), the many soldiers who long to bleed.  And I will be the Commander they seek, because my heart is pure and meek (heart in the right place).

(lg) Now walk out doors every day and see the beauty that still behaves in Nature and Angel sprite, fairies singing on clear air.  The air is your song you see it steers you into unity.

(hd) To me the walk is brotherhood, I spend each day in this walk, thank you for reminding me that it's the way of divinity.  And when I put my wings to rest, I land upon the very best, and here the air is where I sing, inside the gardens that are green.  Every color we do know, is only the beginning of the show, and when we breathe and make it come true, we bring the heart in all we do.  I trust my fairies of pure delight, and I know they want to come home in this sprite* and we who gift them a place to land, in a garden of pure demand.  Let us be the warriors true, who gift this heart to me and you!

(hd) The song of Angels they do sing and I will allow all my children to be, the united kingdom of to and fro, to place the heart of me to know.  And when my children come sail the breeze, to be with me, inside of my knees, there they will remember to pray, and make all days holy in nay!  Don't deny the swelling heart, but instead, offer love with blessed prayer.  And when your Brother needs your song, show up with flowers that get along.  Blossom and grow with delight, and make sure your neighbor knows you this night.  And in the day time, when they need a smile give them a hug and stay awhile! (lavender blossoms sheds us a pure delight, destroys the impure to what is right, the true heart calling of men and mice-none go to waste)

(lg) With all that is and all will be forever joyous happily, a part of all and one with thee. See it here it never leaves! 

(hd)  I like your dream for this day, but I have to stay away, because they don't really understand, to what it makes to create this land.  I am angry at those who take and make the place a wasted state, and when the heaven's come to destroy those who are so bold and annoy, I say, to them, "Watch out, there is God", for we are going home to stay", and when they come home to me, then for sure, the garden grows.  But until that day does come, I will have to be this gun, the gun who shoots them in the heart, to say, lift your heart to God!

(hd) There is only one place and heaven and earth is of this day, and when I know the children can grow in a place of wonderland, then we go home to all the snow, but until that day comes, I await, for those who anoint my feet!

(lg) Thank you Holiness David!
Thank you Holiness David!
Aho! Aha! Aho!

(hd) Thank you my child, the Indigo Warrior, who comes to speak the heart of me.  And when you go out into the world, I will bless you for untold.  And you will not see me nor recognize me, but I will bring all down to their knees.  And even you, who sails the breeze, my love will carry you in this disease!  Don't worry for I will shed a blanket that will lead the way, step up the flying carpet, and sail away, to other shores.  For you have much to learn and weep, to hold the children in your keep, and stop awhile and smell the flowers, because I now you don't have guile.  Use the simple remedies and you will sail in the breeze.  Don't wonder which way to go, but trust your heart and all that knows!

(lg) I love you both! Your Constant Looking Glass!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

We love you too, like we should, because we are the parents who would, and I will look over you, in the day and night time too!

The signification of anointing, as being inauguration to represent the Lord as to the good of love . That it denotes inauguration to represent the Lord as to the good of love, or what is similar, to represent the good of love which is from the Lord, is because by the oil wherewith the anointing was done is signified the good of love . It is important to know about this, because anointing has remained in use from ancient time to the present day; for kings are anointed; and anointing is accounted holy at the present day in like manner as it was formerly. Among the ancients, when all external worship was performed by means of representatives, that is, by such things as represented the interior things of faith and love from the Lord and to Him, thus such as are Divine, anointing was instituted for the reason that the oil with which the anointing was done, signified the good of love; for they knew that the good of love was that essential thing from which all things of the church and of worship live, because it is the being of life. For the Divine flows in with a man through the good of love, and makes his life, indeed that heavenly life in which truths are received in good. From this it is plain what anointing represented. Wherefore the things which were anointed were called holy, and were also accounted as holy, and were of service to the church for representing Divine and heavenly things, and in the supreme sense the Lord Himself who is good itself, thus for representing the good of love which is from Him, and also the truth of faith in so far as it lives from the good of love. From this then it was that at that time they anointed stones that were set up for pillars; also weapons of war, such as shields and bucklers; and afterward the altar and all its vessels; likewise the Tent of meeting, and all things therein; and moreover those who administered the priesthood, and their garments; likewise prophets, and lastly kings, who from this were called the anointed of Jehovah. It also became customary to anoint themselves and others, in order to testify gladness of mind and goodwill.

[2] As regards the first point: That they anointed stones erected for pillars, this is evident in the book of Genesis:--

Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had placed for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the head of it (Gen. 28:18);

the reason why they anointed stones in this manner was that stones signified truths, and truths without good have no life of heaven within them, that is, no life from the Divine. But when the stones were anointed with oil, they represented truths from good, and in the supreme sense the Divine truth that proceeds from the Lord's Divine good, thus the Lord Himself, who from this was called the Stone of Israel. That stones denote truths; in like manner pillars; and that to anoint pillars denotes to cause truths to be from good, thus to be truths of good, consequently goods. That stones erected for pillars were afterward accounted holy, is evident from the same chapter of Genesis, where it is said:--

Jacob called the name of that place Bethel, and said, If I return in peace to my father's house, this stone, which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God's house (Genesis 28:19-22);

Bethel means the house of God, and the house of God denotes the church, and also heaven, and in the supreme sense the Lord Himself.

[3] Secondly: That they anointed the weapons of war, such as shields and bucklers, is evident in these passages:--

Rise up, ye Princes, anoint the shield (Isa. 11:5).
The shield of the heroes was defiled, the shield of Saul not anointed with oil (2 Sam. 1:21).

The reason why weapons of war were anointed, was that they signified truths fighting against falsities; and truths from good are what prevail against falsities; but not truths without good. Wherefore weapons of war represented the truths that proceed from the good which is from the Lord, thus the truths by means of which the Lord Himself in men fights for them against falsities from evil, that is, against the hells. That weapons of war denote truths that fight against falsities; for in the Word war signifies spiritual combat; and enemies signify the hells, and in general, evils and falsities.

[4] Thirdly: That they anointed the altar and all its vessels, also the Tent of meeting and all the things therein, is evident in the following passages:--

Jehovah said unto Moses, Thou shalt anoint the altar and sanctify it (Exod. 29:36).
Thou shalt make an anointing oil of holiness with which thou shalt anoint the Tent of meeting, and the ark of the Testimony, and the table and all the vessels thereof, and the lamp stand and all the vessels thereof, and the altar of incense, and the altar of burnt-offering and all the vessels thereof, and the laver and the base thereof. Thus thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be holy of holies; whosoever toucheth them shall sanctify himself (Exod. 30:25-29).

Thou shalt take the anointing oil, and anoint the Habitation, and all that is therein, and thou shalt sanctify it, and all the vessels thereof, that they may be holy. And thou shalt anoint the altar of burnt-offering, and all its vessels, and thou shalt sanctify the altar, that the altar may be holy of holies. And thou shalt anoint the laver and its base, and shalt sanctify it (Exod. 40:9-11).

Moses anointed the Habitation and all that was therein; and he sprinkled of the oil upon the altar and all its vessels, and the laver and its base, to sanctify them (Lev. 8:10-12; Num. 7:1).

[5] The reason why the altar, and the Habitation with all things therein, were anointed, was that they might represent the Divine and holy things of heaven and of the church, consequently the holy things of worship; and they could not represent these things unless they had been inaugurated by means of something that represented the good of love; for the Divine enters through the good of love, and through this good is present in heaven and in the church, consequently also in worship. Without this good the Divine does not enter, and is not present, but what is man's own, and with this, hell; and when hell is present, evil and falsity are present; for man's own is nothing else. From this it is evident why the anointing was done with oil; for in the representative sense oil denotes the good of love; and the altar was the chief representative of the Lord, and from this of worship from the good of love; and the Habitation together with the ark was the chief representative of heaven where the Lord is. That what is man's own is nothing but evil and falsity, thus hell; also that in so far as what is man's own is removed, so far the Lord can be present.

[6] Fourthly: That they anointed those who administered the priesthood, and their garments, is evident in Moses:--

Take thou the anointing oil, and pour it upon the head of Aaron, and anoint him (Exod. 29:7; 30:30).

Thou shalt put on Aaron the holy garments; and thou shalt anoint him, and sanctify him, that he may minister to Me in the priest's office; and thou shalt anoint his sons, as thou didst anoint their father; and it shall be that their anointing shall be to them for the priesthood of an age in their generations (Exod. 40:13-15).

Moses poured of the oil upon Aaron's head, and anointed him, to sanctify him. Then he took of the anointing oil, and of the blood which was upon the altar, and sprinkled it upon Aaron, upon his garments, upon his sons, and upon his sons' garments with him; and sanctified Aaron, his garments, and his sons, and his sons' garments with him (Lev. 8:12, 30).

[7] The reason why Aaron was anointed, and why his sons were anointed, and even their garments, was that they might represent the Lord as to Divine good, and as to the Divine truth thence derived; Aaron, the Lord as to Divine good; and his sons, the Lord as to the Divine truth thence derived; and in general, that the priesthood might represent the Lord as to the whole work of salvation. The reason why they were anointed in his garments (Exod. 29:29), was that Aaron's garments represented the Lord's spiritual kingdom joined to His celestial kingdom. The celestial kingdom is where the good of love to the Lord from the Lord reigns; so that the influx of the Divine into the spiritual kingdom is effected through the good of love. On this account the inauguration into representation was effected with oil, which in the spiritual sense denotes the good of love. That Aaron represented the Lord as to Divine good; and that his sons represented the Lord as to Divine truth proceeding from Divine good; also that the priesthood in general represented the Lord as to the whole work of salvation; that Aaron's garments represented the Lord's spiritual kingdom joined to His celestial kingdom; that his sons' garments represented the things which proceed therefrom; and that in the celestial kingdom the good of love to the Lord reigns.

[8] As the inauguration into representation was effected by anointing, and as by Aaron and his sons were represented the Lord and that which is from Him, therefore to Aaron and his sons were given the holy things of the sons of Israel that were given to Jehovah as gifts, and were called heave-offerings; and it is said that they are an anointing, and likewise stand for an anointing; that is, that they are a representation, or stand for a representation, of the Lord; and that they are from Him; as is evident from these words in Moses:--

The wave-breast and the heave-shoulder have I taken from among the sons of Israel from the sacrifices of the peace-offerings, and have given them unto Aaron and unto his sons. This is the anointing of Aaron, and the anointing of his sons, from the offerings of Jehovah made by fire, which I have commanded to be given unto them in the day that he anointed them from among the sons of Israel (Lev. 7:34-36).
Jehovah spake unto Aaron, Behold I have given thee the charge of My heave-offerings, in respect to all the holy things of the sons of Israel; unto thee have I given them by reason of the anointing, and to thy sons, in a statute of eternity. Every offering of theirs, in respect to all their meat-offering, in respect to all sacrifice for sin and for guilt, all the wave offering of the sons of Israel, all the fat of the pure oil, and all the fat of the new wine, and of the grain, the first fruits of them which they shall give unto Jehovah; to thee have I given them; also everything devoted in Israel; everything that openeth the womb; thus all the heave-offering of the holy things. Thou shalt have no inheritance in their land, neither shalt thou have any portion in the midst of them. I am thy portion and thine inheritance in the midst of the sons of Israel (Num. 18:8-20).

From these words it is evident that anointing denotes representation, because they were inaugurated into representation by means of anointing; and that by it was signified that all inauguration into the holiness of heaven and of the church is through the good of love which is from the Lord, and that the good of love is the Lord with them. Because it is so, it is said that Jehovah is his portion and inheritance.

[9] Fifthly: That they anointed the prophets also, is evident from the following passages:--

Jehovah said unto Elijah, Anoint Hazael to be king over the Syrians; and anoint Jehu to be king over Israel; and anoint Elisha to be prophet in thy room (1 Kings 19:15, 16).

The Spirit of the Lord Jehovih is upon Me; therefore Jehovah hath anointed Me to preach good tidings unto the poor; He hath sent Me to bind up the broken-hearted, to preach liberty to the captives (Isa. 61:1).

The reason why the prophets were anointed was that they represented the Lord in respect to the doctrine of Divine truth, consequently in respect to the Word, for this is the doctrine of Divine truth. That the prophets represented the Word, specifically Elijah and Elisha. And that it is the Lord as to the Divine Human who is represented, and who is therefore meant by him whom Jehovah hath anointed, the Lord Himself teaches in (Luke 4:18-21).

[10] Sixthly: That afterward they anointed the kings, who were then called the anointed of Jehovah, is evident from many passages in the Word (1 Sam. 10:1; 15:1; 16:3, 6, 12; 24:6; 26:9, 11, 16; 2 Sam. 1:16; 2:4, 7; 5:3; 19:21; 1 Kings 1:34, 35; 19:15, 16; 2 Kings 9:3; 11:12; 23:30; Lam. 4:20; Hab. 3:13; Ps. 2:2, 6; 20:6; 28:8; 45:7; 84:9; 89:20, 38, 51; 132:17). The reason why they anointed the kings was that these might represent the Lord in respect to judgment from Divine truth; therefore in the Word by kings are signified truths Divine.

Thank you

1. A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or pixie.
2. An elflike person.
3. A specter or ghost.
4. Archaic A soul.
5. Meteorology A large, dim, red flash that appears above active thunderstorms in conjunction with lightning.

[Middle English spreit, from Old French esprit, from Latin spritus; see spirit.]
Thank you
*A water sprite (also called a water fairy or water faery) is a general term for a legendary creature, an elemental spirit associated with water, according to alchemist Paracelsus. Water sprites are said to be able to breathe water or air, and in some cases, can fly. They are mostly harmless unless threatened.

These creatures exist in mythology of various groups. Ancient Greeks knew water nymphs in several types such as naiads or nyads, which guarded the fresh water bodies for the Gods, while Slavic mythology knows them as vilas (house of God, the beloved).

In elemental classifications, water sprite should not be confused with other water creatures considered to be "corporeal beings" such as selkies and mermaids.
Thank you

Fire Offers Purification

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LOVE v4.0 SOFTWARE New Freeware!

Love software

Service Rep: Hello, you have reached the Heart Systems Software Company help desk. How may I help you?
Customer: I just received your latest program, know....the freeware. I don't understand it. Can you tell me how to install it?

Service Rep: Sure thing ma'am. Do you have the installation disk and instructions with you?

Customer: Yes I do, but first can you tell me what the program does?

Service Rep: Sure thing ma'am. LOVE is a unique program, there is no other like it in the world. LOVE attaches to your operating system and runs silently in the background, you will never see LOVE on your monitor or your toolbar, but you will notice its affect on every application you may have. It makes the good programs run smoother and greatly restricts and/or deletes the bad ones.

Customer: Wow! That sounds great. How does LOVE make my machine run smoother?

Service Rep: Well, good sound files, like COMPLIMENT.WAV, ENCOURAGEMENT. WAV, and KINDWORD.WAV will play frequently. Also, FORGIVENESS. EXE will be invoked every time there is an external violation, including the ever-popular syntax errors. Also, all those aggravating errors that say "unable to connect" will be avoided. LOVE allows for a smooth connection with external devices, regardless of what country it is manufactured in, the brand name, or the age of the model.

Customer: That's exactly what I need, my machine has been isolated for too long. But what about the bad programs?

Service Rep: Good question. LOVE searches your memory for programs like HATE.COM, BITTERNESS.EXE, SELFISH.COM, and SPITE.EXE. These programs can't be entirely deleted off your hard drive, but LOVE overpowers those programs. LOVE stops their commands from being executed and runs its own instructions. You will no longer hear INSULT.WAV and you wont be able to write with the fonts "BADWORDS12" or "HARSHNESS10" .

Customer: That's a fantastic program you have. Are the upgrades free too?

Service Rep: They sure are ma'am.

Customer: How do I get the upgrades?

Service Rep: That's easy. Once you have LOVE installed and running, it automatically copies a module, or a piece of itself, to every external Harddrive Email And Remote Terminal (HEART) that it comes in contact with. In turn, those external devices run whatever version of LOVE they have and return a module to your HEART. You will be upgraded with each and every module that you receive. But you have to remember, to receive the upgrades you have to be running LOVE and you have to come into contact with other computers while it is running.

Customer: I can do that. I'm not very technical, but I think I am ready to install now. What do I do first?

Service Rep: The first step is to open your HEART. Have you located your HEART ma'am?

Customer: Yes I have, but there are several programs running right now. Is it okay to install while they are running?

Service Rep: What programs are running ma'am?

Customer: Let me see....I have PASTHURT.EXE, LOWESTEEM.EXE, GRUDGE.EXE, and RESENTMENT.COM running right now.

Service Rep: No problem. LOVE will automatically erase PASTHURT.EXE from your current operating system. It may remain in your permanent memory, but it will no longer disrupt other programs. LOVE will eventually overwrite LOWESTEEM.EXE with a module of its own called HIGHESTEEM.EXE. However, you have to completely turn off GRUDGE.EXE and RESENTMENT.COM. Those programs prevent LOVE from being properly installed. Can you turn those off ma'am?

Customer: I don't know how to turn them off. Can you tell me how?
Service Rep: My pleasure. Go to your Start menu and invoke FORGIVENESS. EXE. Do this as many times as necessary until GRUDGE.EXE and RESENTMENT.COM have been completely erased.

Customer: Okay, I'm done.LOVE has started installing itself automatically. Is that normal?

Service Rep: Yes it is. You should receive a message that says it will reinstall for the life of your HEART. Do you see that message?

Customer: Yes I do. Is it completely installed?

Service Rep: Yes, but remember that you have only the base program. You need to begin connecting to other HEART's in order to get the upgrades.

Customer: Oops...I have an error message already. What should I do?
Service Rep: What does the message say?

Customer: It says "ERROR 412 - PROGRAM NOT RUN ON INTERNAL COMPONENTS". What does that mean?

Service Rep: Don't worry ma'am, that's a common problem. It means that the LOVE program is set up to run on external HEARTS but has not yet been run on your HEART. It is one of those complicated programming things, but in non-technical terms it means you have to "LOVE" your own machine before it can "LOVE" others.

Customer: So what should I do?

Service Rep: Can you find the directory called "SELF-ACCEPTANCE" ?

Customer: Yes, I have it.

Service Rep: Excellent, you are getting good at this.

Customer: Thank you.

Service Rep: You're welcome. Click on the following files and then copy them to the "MYHEART" directory: FORGIVESELF. DOC, SELFESTEEM.TXT, REALIZEWORTH. TXT, and GOODNESS.DOC. The system will overwrite any conflicting files and begin patching any faulty programming. Also, you need to delete SELFCRITIC.EXE from all directories, and then empty your recycle bin afterwards to make sure it is completely gone and never comes back.

Customer: Got it. Hey! My HEART is filling up with really neat files. SMILE.MPG is playing on my monitor right now and it shows that WARMTH.COM, PEACE.EXE, and CONTENTMENT. COM are copying themselves all over my HEART!

Service Rep: Then LOVE is installed and running. You should be able to handle it from here. One more thing before I go....

Customer: Yes?

Service Rep: LOVE is freeware. Be sure to give it and its various modules to everybody you meet. They will in turn share it with other people and they will return some really neat modules back to you.

Customer: I will. Thank you for your help.

Author unknown

Hello Beloved Family, One thing we need add is the blessings. Each time you bless it creates a fire of purification. Let us remember to bless our relatives, especially our inanimate objects. Molecules continue to move slowly, even though we do not see this movement. Our molecular relatives need blessings too. Be sure to bless your computer every hour of each day. And don't forget to bless your relatives where ever you may travel on the internet. "I bless me" and "I bless the world", now, "I bless the tree". My computer belongs to me, therefore it is part of the leaves." your devoted servants, Holiness David Running Eagle and Twin Deer Mother

Aho, may your spirit fly!
Visit HouseoftheBeloved.Net
Visit AJoyLightFromWithin.Org

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learn "Standby" Protect your computer when you step away

Hi everyone,
In one house I know of, the children do what they want (or so it seems to me from what I can hear). I tried instructing my friend on how to going through, step-by-step, to setup protection from creatures who lurk in the dark (or, how do protect your computer from those creatures we love so much, the kids). It was near impossible to do this on the phone (we did get some stuff accomplished). I said to myself, "Self, let's put this in writing so everyone can use it!" So, here it is! Read the whole thing first and then do it. If you have any questions, please call me or email.

Protect your computer when you step away

When you step away from your computer, don't leave it to the youngsters (or oldsters) to get into it and mess it up. If you don't want someone to install programs, or look at your email, or whatever, don't leave your computer open to these people. It only takes a moment for a little kid to doddle on the keyboard, or a big kid to install a program, and destroy your hard earned work (or even your hard drive [yes, this is true]).

Caution: this picture is for love, hugs, and laughs only!

This is the Procedure:

Here's how to create password protection for stand by mode (or hibernation mode).

  1. Click Start.

  2. Open Control Panel.

  3. Open Power Options

  4. Click the Advanced tab, then click to fill the check-box for “Prompt for password when computer resumes from stand by. It will be the same password you used to log-on to your user account.

  5. That's it, but don't forget to click on Apply.

Note: You use your Windows password for both stand by and hibernation.

Note: Make sure you setup user accounts for these youngsters and oldsters. Be absolutely sure that you get this done before letting all users onto the machine. See below. It only takes a couple of minutes.

But wait; there's more!

While in the Advanced tab of Power Options, note that there is a section titled Power Buttons.

You will see one of two versions: one for desktop computers and one for laptop computers. The one for laptop computers will have a line, When I close the lid of my portable computer:.

The desktop computer shows two options for Power Buttons:

  1. When I press the power button on my computer: If you don't have a stand by button on the keyboard, I suggest selecting stand by.

  2. When I press the stand by button on my computer: If you don't have a stand by button on your computer, select the power button option above.

Let's talk about the computer power button. You have two options on the desktop computer power button. If the computer is turned on and you press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, it will turn the computer off. If you have set your computer to go into stand by (as instructed above) using the power button, then momentarily pressing the power button will put it in stand by.

If you have laptop, there will be three options:

  1. When I close the lid of my portable computer: you select which option you want. My wife likes to put her laptop into stand by when closing the lid; I like to go into hibernate when closing the lid.

  2. When I press the power button on my computer. I use Shut Down

  1. When I press the stand by button on my computer. I use Stand by.

On many laptops there are power managers included that work with the Windows XP power options (manager). For example, on my laptop, I have my stand by function set for Fn + F4. If I want to go into Stand by, I use Fn + F4; to come out of stand by, I touch Fn. For When I close the lid of my portable computer: I use hibernate. That's for a an IBM ThinkPad laptop, a Dell will be probably be different.

Just a word about Stand by and Hibernate: Stand by puts all of your open files and other data that you use but don't see into memory. Hibernate puts the same stuff on hard drive. Stand by is very fast, but if you turn it off or loose power, its all gone. If you use Hibernate, it takes longer to boot back up, but a power outage will have no effect.

Setting Up User Accounts

Setting up User Accounts is so easy; you just have to do it. So, if someone comes along and screws up your computer, you point that finger at yourself.

Click on Start, click on Control Panel,click on User Accounts, click on create a new account, type a name for that account.

Select the “Limited” account type (it is extremely important to select “Limited”). On the same page, click on Create Account button.

That's it! It is so easy!

Remember, you are the Administrator of this computer. You da' boss.

Actually, the last step is to teach all users how to log-on properly. If they don't like it that's too bad. Another thing about “you da' boss” is that you can do it with love. With loving kindness work with the other users to help them to understand why we have to do these things differently now.

Help and Support Center

Learn to use the Windows XP Help and Support Center. It will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run. It can also help when describing a problem to a computer technician.

Here's how:

Click Start, then click Help and Support.

Many questions can be answered right here. If you don't get the results you want, try another word or phrase. Be patient. Try the glossary, it's real easy. So, using new word or phrase, go back and look for more search topics.

Speaking of the glossary: if you are curious about a word that you saw, but didn't understand in one of the XP pop-up windows, this is a good way to find it. Again, learning this stuff will help in the long run.

Have fun, be patient.


Holiness David

Friday, January 23, 2009

Be careful. Don't click on anything until you read it.

Flash from the desk of Holiness David!!

Do you get pop-up messages on your screen telling you that you have a virus in your computer?

Don't click on anything until you look and read more closely.

Don't click to accept their warning, yet.

If it is a Microsoft warning on your Microsoft Windows computer; then follow instructions very carefully.

If is a Norton or Symantec warning and you have Norton or Symantec installed on your computer, then follow the instructions very carefully.

The same is true for whatever antivirus you have installed. If it is not a warning from the maker of your antivirus program, don't click to accept their hoax warning.

They tell you to click here to find out how to save your computer and data.

Too many of these are spam/scam criminals. They get you to buy their scam-infested and virus infested programs. Some of the downloads they get you to download have viruses in them (be sure to scan everything you download before using).

You give them money to buy their poor quality infested programs and they sell your information to other spam/scam criminals; usually within minutes, you will start getting charges made to your account for things you didn't purchase. They make so easy to rob you.

Before clicking on their “Buy Now” or "Download Now" prompts, open another browser window and do a web-search to determine if they are reputable.

Here is another source of unwanted junk:

Some people surf the web, searching for specific media or programs to download. Some websites that are contacted for downloads have malware and viruses loaded into the program you are downloading. This is another reason to scan everything you download.

One utility program I downloaded, had an advertising program written into it. If I had not scanned the download, their malware would have gotten into my computer.