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Friday, January 23, 2009

Be careful. Don't click on anything until you read it.

Flash from the desk of Holiness David!!

Do you get pop-up messages on your screen telling you that you have a virus in your computer?

Don't click on anything until you look and read more closely.

Don't click to accept their warning, yet.

If it is a Microsoft warning on your Microsoft Windows computer; then follow instructions very carefully.

If is a Norton or Symantec warning and you have Norton or Symantec installed on your computer, then follow the instructions very carefully.

The same is true for whatever antivirus you have installed. If it is not a warning from the maker of your antivirus program, don't click to accept their hoax warning.

They tell you to click here to find out how to save your computer and data.

Too many of these are spam/scam criminals. They get you to buy their scam-infested and virus infested programs. Some of the downloads they get you to download have viruses in them (be sure to scan everything you download before using).

You give them money to buy their poor quality infested programs and they sell your information to other spam/scam criminals; usually within minutes, you will start getting charges made to your account for things you didn't purchase. They make so easy to rob you.

Before clicking on their “Buy Now” or "Download Now" prompts, open another browser window and do a web-search to determine if they are reputable.

Here is another source of unwanted junk:

Some people surf the web, searching for specific media or programs to download. Some websites that are contacted for downloads have malware and viruses loaded into the program you are downloading. This is another reason to scan everything you download.

One utility program I downloaded, had an advertising program written into it. If I had not scanned the download, their malware would have gotten into my computer.