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Monday, October 20, 2008


Allow me to introduce myself: David Carl Weekley of San Francisco bay area, California. I am 61 years old and disabled (no longer able to work). My wife is white buffalo calf woman and she runs two Yahoo Groups: active_indigos and crystal_indigo_children.
I study spiritual stuff and try to practice being a good person according the the laws of God. I say 'stuff' because it covers all religions. I do not see
or sense anything that 'gifted' people have. I have some intuitive decision making.
For the last few years, we have been on the streets doing missionary work trying to help the homeless.
My life is shared with my wife; we do a lot together, so, from here, I will use our, we or us.
We love music from all over the world. That does not mean to listen to a type of music for the rest of our lives, but that we can enjoy from time to time. Some types of music we listen to often and continually over the years.
We love photography and would do more along those lines if equipment was more readily available (need money, cameras are not cheap). We get great pictures from our Nikon 4 mega-pixel camera within its limited capabilities. The film cameras are in storage and probably will stay there.

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