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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can Defragging Your Desktop Speed Virus Scans?

Can Defragging Your Desktop Speed Virus Scans?
There are numerous well documented improvements to system performance and reliability when an automated disk defragmentation program is used. Applications load faster, the computer boots to a useable state in less time, and backups require less time to transfer data. The purpose of this paper is to narrow the focus and address the tangible benefit of disk defragmentation to desktop and laptop client security.

This single doing (antivirus, antispybot, antiworm) and defragmentation, check disk (or 'scan disc' on some systems) and disc cleanup (ram space, short term memory) through Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer). This will keep you free (no money and more time freed-up) from going to the local hardware man. He will probably do the same thing, but not leave any of the programs behind.

I use JKDefrag. He, Mr. Kessler, gives you a lot of information that will help you to understand and get even better defragmenting performance. His can be found at
For Microsoft Windows users:
JkDefrag-3.36.zipDownload for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008479kb
It's FREE!! Please take the time to read this long page that describes installation, what it is all about, How It Works, recommended usage, commandline information, and FAQs.
If you don't want to read and learn, you can just click on the JKDefrag icon that gets installed on your 'Desktop.'

If you have any questions, you can email Mr. Kessler (email icon at the bottom-right of his page) or email me (
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